Sandy Ridge Boers
Sandy Ridge Boers is owned and operated by Justin and Jared
Dyjak. We are brothers with a small herd of Fullblood and
percentage Boer goats. After several years of struggles and being
all but out of the industry we decided to give it one more go in the
last couple years and have gone from a few goats for a hobby to
growing the herd to 30 breeding does. I owe a lot to Phillip and
Anita Messer of Red Gate Farms for encouraging me to take the
next step. They have been there for me over the past couple years  
when needed. Some of the other farms we have purchased from are
Windy Acres, Ashes Boer Goats, Redden Farms, 4C Boer Goats,
Tri F Farms, Broken S, Rumsey Farms, K & M Boers, and Able

I am always looking to help out 4-H'ers anyway I can. Contact me
me with any questions you may have.
Contact Info.
L a s t  U p d a t e  8/17/2014
Justin Dyjak
Wanatah, Indiana
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